About Floating

Our Rates:

  • $70 per hour for one hour of flotation
  • FREE 20min automated chair massage
  • Ask about student, artist, military and senior citizen discounts and membership rates

In the flotation tank there is no:

With close to 1000 pounds of epsom salts mixed with a shallow amount of water, it creates a buoyant effect, even more so than the Dead Sea. The weightlessness experienced is as close to being in space as possible. The effect of zero gravity on the body is extremely therapeutic.

Difference In Temperature:
Water in the tank is set at 94 degrees, which is the same as the outside of the skin. The body perceives no temperature difference between itself and the outside environment, thereby reducing stimulation.

The tank is free from light when the door is closed. This gives the mind a break from visual stimulation, such as technology.

The tank itself is designed to minimize the amount of sound that penetrates its walls. The room surrounding the tank eliminates sound even further. The quiet experienced in the tank creates a relaxing environment away from everyday noise.

Reducing external stimulation allows the mind and body to relax at the same time.
It’s an experience of euphoric relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Do I Need To Bring?
Just yourself! We have all the supplies you’ll need:
shampoo, conditioner and body wash for washing before and after your float, and comfortable towels, robes, and earplugs. Bathing suits (must be swim regulation) are not necessary, as a suit detracts from reduction of stimulation. If you wear contacts, we have backup cases and solution if needed. You will also receive complimentary flip-flops and sunglasses with your first float!

Is The Water Clean?
Cleanliness is our top priority. Our tank is equipped with high tech filtration that includes U.V. light, ozone, food grade hydrogen peroxide, and the water is in a constant filtering cycle. The epsom salts, a natural disinfectant, also keep the water sterile, and we test and treat the water daily.

Can I Float With Other People?
The tank experience is designed for individual use, but you can enjoy a cup of tea and conversation in our Art Gallery Room afterwards. Each float includes a complimentary twenty minutes in our automated massage chair as well.

Would Floating In My Pool Be The Same?
It is quite different. In that environment, the mind still processes a lot of external stimulation. Floating free from stimulation can induce theta brain waves, which we usually only produce twice a day before sleeping and waking, unless we have practiced years of meditation. Research shows that achieving this state can enhance creativity and improve one’s sense of purpose and love of life.

What If I Fall Asleep?
People often experience a sleep-like state in the tank since slower, sleep-like brain frequencies are amplified. If you do fall asleep, the water will support you. Because of the buoyancy from the epsom salts, there is no chance of turning over.

What If I’m Claustrophobic?
The tank is in a room that only you can lock. The float pod door can even be left open if you like, and you may also choose to float with music or your choice of colored lighting.